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Graphic Communication

Alex Noakes

A graphic design project focusing on the anthropomorphism of branding, an opportunity to develop a personality-laden identity seen across numerous media for a fabricated exhibition.

Copy of AXON Poster Set.png
Copy of Business Card Landscape.png
Copy of AXON Logo.png
Alexandra Vidodo

A ‘shock-advertising’ 3D modelled motion graphics of a baby within the fetus that is slowly suffocating by a leading supermarket-chain plastic bag, this stark and shocking campaign is supported by various graphic posters.

Alexandra Vidodo.jpg
Alexandra Warner

A motion graphics title sequence inspired by the dark, macabre Japanese Urban Legend ‘Kuchisake Onna’, this was accompanied by multiple thematically staged character photographs to design and generate varying publicity material.

Alex warner.jpg
Alex warner1.jpg
Alex Warner Title Sequence.jpg
Biel Lelliott Chimenis

A documentary book designed around boxing, capturing the brutality yet beauty of the sport, reflecting on the notion that boxing cannot just be ‘played’ but rather an individual journey to be experienced.

Biel promotion.jpg
Book design.jpg
Frances Briffett

Graphic branding for an unsigned rock band, inspired by Greek mythology, Daedalus is known for building the Labyrinth, hence designs are modelled from a Greek statue and made to look like a maze.

Album cover.jpg
Harry Carman

A graphic design user interface project that developed a new touch-sensitive app for the college that cleverly synthesised the complex system of managing non-attendance and academic outcomes.

student support app copy.jpg
Harry App design.jpg
Jack Bevan

Having developed a completely new illustrative styling within digital software, this promotional film poster captures the dystopian world of Metropolis through the elusive and delicate tapestry of futurist buildings.

Jack B.jpg
Jack Woodgate

A graphic communication project that investigates the principles of design, moreover the opportunity to use original photography, design and promote these practices into a fictitious exhibition that blends interactive displays with visually rich media to enable the visitor to explore, deconstruct and question.

poster 2 800px 72ppi .jpg
poster 1 800px 72ppi.jpg
Jack pages 800px 72PPI.jpg
Page 7 800px 72PPI.jpg
Page 6 800px 72PPI.jpg
Jerry Main

A graphic communication project that involved the corporate branding of a newly formed architecture firm ‘Rook’, to accompany this launch a Tudor-modernist diorama was handcrafted to scale.

Jerry Main.jpg
Lily Amels-Baker

A graphic pattern was made by researching Greek architecture and colonnades that was then translated into bespoke interior design fashion decorations.

Lily Amels-Baker.jpg
Lily Amels-Baker1.jpg
Max Warry

Obedience is a fully illustrated, stark graphic novel that depicts the 1962 Milgram obedience Experiments, an immersive postmodernist palette of drawings that capture the series of social psychology experiments in a newly cultivated language.

Max Warry.jpg
Page 8 800px 72ppi.jpg
Page 5 800px 72ppi.jpg
Tess Barber

A stop-motion graphic with accompanying exhibition posters celebrating Antonin’s Artaud’s work and his influence on the surrealist movement. Artaud was a theatre practitioner and essayist from the early 20th century and is mainly known for creating The Theatre of Cruelty.

Jet of blood 800px 72PPI.jpg
Jet of blood 1 800px 72PPI.jpg
Toby Archer

Album cover designs for a new band including the song ‘The Bends’ an illustrative and motion graphics idea that explored the notion of decompression sickness when experiencing pressure changes underwater; the notion of difficulty thinking, of outer-body feeling and dizziness.

Monsters 800px 72PPI.jpg
Monsters album 800px 72ppi.jpg
The Bends 800px 72ppi 1.jpg
The bends 800px 72ppi.jpg
Motion Graphic 800px 72ppi.jpg
Tom Watson

Using minimalist yet sophisticated design branding to contrast the organic forms of the bespoke jewellery, a project that took inspiration from the thematic of the sea and developed into a full series of organic yet fluid jewellery.

Tom Watson Ring 800px 72PPI.jpg
Tom Watson 800px 72PPI.jpg
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