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Pamela M Earl

1_Fond Adieu_Open.jpg

Title: ‘Fond Adieu’ (2020)

Size: 8.5cm L x 6.5cm W x 3cm H

Medium: Collage. Blue hinged jewellery box with 1980’s Stranglers badge, clear crimson Mid Century beads with metal links

Price: £300


Title: ‘Danke’ – tribute to Florian Schneider (2020)

Size: 10cm

Medium: Collage. Raspberry satin lined Chinois trinket box with glass globe, number and letter beads, etc.

Price: £300


Title: ‘Three’ – Caravaggio’s ‘Card Sharps’ (2020)

Size: 10cm

Medium: Collage with pencil. Contemporary Turkish delight box with c19 marbles and playing cards, C20 postcard

Price: £300

4_Jolly Garbo_Open.jpg

Title: ‘Jolly – Greta Garbo’ (2020)

Size: 21cm L x 16cm W x 8.5cm H

Medium: Collage. Black wooden tea box with miniature trolls, spaghetti, vintage crystal and 1950’s moonglow Lucite beads, 6ml Vent Vert perfume, shot glass, c20 postcard, seashells and glass, etc.

Price: £300

Garlic Sausage_Open.jpg
Garlic Sausage_Closed_1.jpg

Title: ‘And you’re dancing with garlic sausage’ – Mrs Peel (2020)
Size: 9.5cm L x 5cm W x 3.5cm H
Medium: Collage. Wedgewood trinket box with miniature champagne glasses.

Price: £200


Title: ‘Arpeggio’ –The Stranglers (2020)

Size: 26cm L x 17cm x W x 6cm H

Medium: Collage. Antique Persian carved wooden cigar box, pewter peach ice cream mould, 6ml Anais Anais, rook feather – ethically sourced, pastels, calligraphy pen, large 1950’s moonglow Lucite bead, vintage baroque pearl bead with safety pen

Price: £400


Title: ‘For Joseph’ – Joseph Cornell’s Love of Paris (2020)

Size: 10cm

Medium: Collage. Turkish delight box lined with mirrors, velvet fabric, vintage Eiffel Tower keyring, vintage crystals, 1950’s moonglow Lucite beads

Price: £400


Title: ‘Nanadan’ – Jean-Jacques Burnel (2020)
Size: 20cm L x 17.5cm W x 4cm H

Medium: Collage. C20 cigar box with miniature wine bottle, glasses, C20 ephemera, rhinestones, souvenir of the Tower of London and Parisian perfume bottle; rook feather – ethically sourced

Price: £300

9_Lieutenant Baker_Open.jpg

Title: ‘Lieutenant Baker’ – Josephine Baker (2020)

Size: 33.5cm L x19.5cm W x 4cm H

Medium: Collage with coloured pencil. WH Smith artist box with sequins, vintage ephemera, champagne bottle, parrot feather – ethically sourced

Price: £350


Title: ‘The Fruit Picker’ – Orson Welles (2020)

Size: 12cm L x 13cm W x 3cm H

Medium: Collage. Mid Cent cigar box pearl bead puzzle with dried white rose bud (from artist’s garden), miniature caviar, cognac and champagne bottles

Price: £300

11_Richard W P Open.jpg

Title: ‘Richard Wayne Penniman (1932-2020)’ (2020)

Size: 14.5cm L x 11.5cm W x 4.5cm H

Medium: Collage. Vintage white jewellery gift box with purple lining, heart-shaped brooch, silver peach with vintage crystal beads, mascara, ephemera including concert ticket stub. Rhinestone pattern from the House of Beaufort coat of arms

Price: £300


Title: ‘Spellbound’ – Siouxsie Sioux (2020)
Size: 10cm x 10cm x 5cm H

Medium: Collage. Wedgewood box with original Siouxsie and The Banshees badge, Planta Genista twigs from artist’s garden, yellow and black polka dot fabric, vintage crystal beads and 1950’s moonglow Lucite beads, contemporary lapel pin

Price: £300

14_Mighty Real_Open.jpg
14_Mighty Real Closed.jpg

Title: ‘Mighty Real’ – AIDS (2020)

Size: 15cm W x 12cm H

Medium: Collage. 1960’s blue Lucite box with faux blue fur, 1950’s moonglow Lucite beads, two original large badges, contemporary ephemera rendered in coloured pencil

Price: £300

15_Forever Flamingo_Open_Siouxsie.jpg

Title: ‘Forever Flamingo, Forever’ – Vintage shop, Boston, Ma (2020-21)

Size: 12.5cm D x 29cm W x 39cm L

Medium: Collage. Oil on cardboard with Chinese takeaway box, 1940’s short glasses, 1960’s matches and Tiki cocktail stick, vintage Mamie pink fabric, original 6ml Coco Chanel and Paloma Picasso, crystals and pearl beads, original Korean paper umbrellas

Price: £600

16_Louise Brooks_Open.jpg
16_Louise Brooks_Closed.jpg

Title: ‘Untitled – Louise Brooks I’ (2020-21)

Size: 3cm H x 16cm W x 13cm L

Medium: Collage. 1930s chrome black enamel cigarette box with three German Expressionist portraits: two are Collage and one pastel

Price: £350



Title: ‘Merrick and Jones’ – Joseph Merrick and David Bowie (2020-21)

Size: 15cm L x 7.5cm W x 5cm H

Medium: Collage and embroidery. 1960’s oak box with hinge; embroidered logo from ‘The Elephant Man,’ Broadway, 1980; wool yarn, vintage crystal, pearl and baroque beads, acorn from artist’s small oak tree.

Price: £400

18_Tinker Tailor_Babushka.jpg

Title: ‘Tinker, Tailor, Writer, Spy’ – John Le Carre (2020-2021)

Size: 12cm L x 20cm x W x 8cm H

Medium: Collage. Vintage wooden lock box lined with paper. Contains Late Soviet, Czech, East German ephemera, C20 European and British Kodak slides, C20 viewer, Soviet babushka from 1970’s, newspaper clippings from 1963 and 2020; poem

Price: £350

19_On Green Queen Street_Open with Contents.jpg
19_On Great Queen St_Closed.jpg
19_On Great Queen Street_2 open boxes.jpg

Title: ‘On Great Queen Street’ – New Romantics at 40 (2020-21)

Size: 15cm L x 10cm W x 4cm H

Medium: Collage. Antique cigarette box; original Visage badge, Korean paper umbrella, velvet, gold thread, A – Z page, 1950s moonglow Lucite beads, miniature hairspray, drinks, cigarettes, ashtray; blue eyeliner. Behind mirror is a tired London with safety pins, bin liner segments and the song titles ‘Ghost Town’ and ‘Fade to Grey’

Price: £300


Title: ‘Stellar’ – Christine McVie and Stevie Nicks (2020-21)

Size: 20cm L x 11.5cm W x 7cm H

Medium: Collage. Vintage cigar box with various miniature objects including champagne bottles, cup and saucer, cigarettes; used matches, beer bottle caps, vintage and contemporary brooches, silver snuff vial, twig from the Sweet Track, Glastonbury

Price: £300

21_ Columbo_Open.jpg
21_ Columbo_Closed.jpg

Title: ‘Murder by the Box’ – Lieutenant Columbo (2021)

Size: L x 14.5cm W x 3.5cm H

Medium: Collage. C20 cigar box with miniature hotdogs, chili, dog bowl, ice cream cone, bowl of eggs, Thermos, vintage ephemera including matchbooks, ‘Saturday Evening Post c1950’s, 1960s Peugeot logo, c1990’s fabric, etc

Price: £300

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