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Exhibition: The Tree Show 2021



Steve Bannatyne
Resurgence: Art from the Wastes
20th - 28 April
Tuesday-Saturday 10am-5pm | Sunday 11am-4pm | Closed Monday 

 Steve Bannatyne002.jpg
 Steve Bannatyne001.jpg

"Resurgence: Art from the Wastes" invites you on a transformative journey into environmental consciousness through art. This enlightening exhibition showcases the creative potential within discarded materials, urging reflection on our collective responsibility to protect the planet. In a world grappling with escalating waste concerns, "Resurgence" prompts a reconsideration of our relationship with discarded objects. It inspires viewers to discern the beauty and potential within items society often deems expendable. Join us in this thought-provoking exploration where art converges with sustainability, reshaping the narrative of discarded materials and advocating for change. Immerse yourself in the heart of this exhibition, where each piece challenges perceptions and calls for a renewed commitment to environmental well-being.

Raegan Hodge

 Journey to Ukraine: Reflections of an Aid Worker 

4th -12th May

Tuesday-Sunday 11am-4pm / Closed Monday

Borodyanka_castle copy.jpg
dark_train copy.jpg

The show Journey to Ukraine: Reflections of an Aid Worker is a collection of photos, drawings and paintings based on my experience as a humanitarian aid worker on the border of Ukraine. Part of the work includes a video installation, depicting the scenes and feelings of the 22 hour overnight train journey from Warsaw to Kyiv as well as the long snowy roads throughout the country.

Since Russia attacked Ukraine in 2022, millions of Ukrainians have fled their homes. For many, the journey was arduous and traumatic. Mostly women and children, over one million refugees settled in Poland needing accommodation and aid. As a communications officer stationed in Poland in response to the crisis, it was part of my job to document the border crossing and humanitarian needs of refugees as they came to Poland. 

Over the course of the year, I began sketching my interpretations of the scenes I witnessed and stories I heard. I have arranged these drawings and paintings together to present a more emotional and personal view of the war and the toll it has taken on people. 

I am American, originally from Atlanta, Georgia, living abroad for the past 6 years. I am a new resident of Sussex, UK. I have a BA in History (2000, University of Georgia) and an MFA in Digital Filmmaking and Arts (2008, Georgia State University).
I have been painting since I was 14, receiving many awards in school in my early 20s, however due to lack of opportunities in the Atlanta area, I shifted to the film and television industry. I worked on many tv shows from Emmy-winning travel documentaries to the Real Housewives of Atlanta.
Beginning with an assignment in Afghanistan in 2011, I have served as a communications officer for CARE, UNICEF and the Dr. Denis Mukwege Foundation covering many issues- from debilitating hunger in Niger to workers' rights in Bangladesh to disabled kids in India. I have seen thoughtful and well-executed programmes and others that were disorganized, poorly run and ultimately destructive to the communities. At times, I have had to suppress my own feelings while filming starving and sick babies or taking interviews of survivors of conflict-related sexual violence. 


Martin Gayford
18th - 26th May
Tuesday-Sunday 11am-4pm | Closed Monday 

Martin Gayford.jpg

Martin Gayford’s solo exhibition features recent graphite drawings and oil paintings presenting a series of structural motifs that deal with perceptions of scale. Devoid of any obvious human presence, these works are ambiguous and suggestive, simultaneously referencing huge architectural structures and small objects.


Martin was born in London in 1971 and studied at Middlesex Polytechnic and Winchester School of Art. His work has featured in major London galleries, including Royal Academy of Arts, Tate Modern and Whitechapel Gallery, as well as in numerous exhibitions in London and Lewes. In April 2022, Coleman Projects in Bermondsey presented Martin’s most recent solo show, ’Oneironautics’. Martin has also curated two large-scale exhibitions; ‘Six Days In December’ at Thames-Side Studios Gallery in 2019 and ’Fulgurance’ at ASC Gallery in 2022

Sarah Money
An Exhibition of Paintings and Sculptures
2022 – 2024
1st - 9th June

11am – 4pm daily | Closed Monday


A new body of work – paintings and sculpture – created over the last two years by Sussex artist Sarah Money. Sarah Money’s work is constantly evolving. A former dancer and mime artist, Sarah Money’s sculptures and paintings are filled with a fluid rhythm, as she explores the movement of the human form. Her work brings in her experience in dance through the lines and brushstrokes, with a loose and free technique that is risk-taking as she explores colour and texture and its relationship to emotion. “I experience the combined qualities of movement, texture and colour as I work”, she says, “allowing my emotions to play their part. It is simply the essence of my subject in that moment in time that I am trying to capture.”

Peter Chasseaud
Land, Town & Seascapes
15th -23rd Jun
11am-5pm daily

Star 2024 Castle II copy.jpg
Star 2024 Castle I copy.jpg

I am a painter and printmaker (lithography, etching, letterpress) who also works in several other media, including photography and 3-D. I have been working and exhibiting in and around Lewes since 1972. Since my last show (April 2023) at the Star Brewery Gallery I have continued to develop landscape, seascape and figurative drawn and painted images inspired by urban topography and the rural vistas of the Sussex weald and downland – its swelling hill-forms and concave valleys, its trees, skies and heavenly bodies – and also of human figures. My interest in landscape encompasses related fields such as topography, cartography, flight and aerial photography. In this new exhibition my twin starting points have been the very centre of Lewes (castle, bowling green, etc.) and the encounter at the coastline between chalk cliffs and the terrible beauty of possibly threatening seas.

Claire Hoskin


29th June – 7th July

Tuesday-Saturday 11am-4pm | Sunday 12noon-3pm | Closed Monday

left copy.jpg
right copy.jpg

Claire Hoskin’s work is based on objects held in the Pitt Rivers Museum which houses the University of Oxford’s anthropological collection.


Using photography, drawing and collage as a process of abstraction the original artefacts are “evolved” into small scale mixed media sculptural pieces.


The sculptures are made using predominantly natural and repurposed materials to reflect the nature of the objects that inspired them and the resourcefulness of their makers. All are carefully crafted from wood, textiles, metal and reclaimed plastic and completed to a high finish.

Shades of Grey

An exhibition of paintings by 

Michael Bell & Ken Hoggins

13th - 21st July

Screenshot 2024-03-25 at 07.02.58 copy.jpg
Michael Bell.jpg

Peter Kettle


Original Paintings & Digital Prints featuring Lewis Carroll, Benjamin Britten, Mervyn Peake, Ted Hughes, Alan Bennett, Coleridge and others  

27the July - 4th August

Monday-Saturday 10am - 5pm | Sunday 12noon to 3pm

IMG_1619 copy.jpg
hl-32481863605 copy.jpg

Most of my paintings and prints are suggested by words. The stimulus can come from a single line of prose or poetry. Sometimes just a title will do it. I’m not interested in copying subjects set up in a studio. Paintings evolve from a fluid beginning; the more mysterious the better. I keep myself guessing as long as I can. 


Private collectors include Alan Bennett, John Banville, Tom Stoppard, Clive James, Lord Young, Nick Hytner, Maggie Smith, Nicholas Farrell, Kevin McNally, Philip Pullman, Herbie Brennan. 


I’ve exhibited at the Royal Academy many times, Royal Society of British Artists, The Intelligent Eye in the ICA Gallery, Paris Salon (Silver Award), Albemarle Gallery, and numerous one man and group shows. I won a prize at a Towner Gallery competition and a Strathmore Paper Award for prints.  Commissions include Lloyds Bank, BBC, Penguin Books, Sun Life, Southern Comfort, Tokyu Agency in Japan and numerous others.

David C Nix
23rd August - 1st September


Works of John Prentice
28th September -  6th October

Tuesday-Saturday 11am - 4pm | Sunday 12noon to 4pm | Closed Monday

54 copy 2.jpg lowres.jpg
44 copy 2.jpg lowres.jpg
23 copy 2.jpg lowres.jpg

Over a career spanning seven decades, John Prentice developed a masterful handling of paint, conveying a sense of light and depth on canvas. His paintings reveal his ease at naturalistic depiction and the extent to which he experimented, altering what he saw in order to explore pictorial composition. He developed a theory of colour which informed his work: seemingly abstract colour relationships creating spatial depth and rhythm, unnatural yet rational, exuberant yet balanced.

John Prentice was born in 1922. After training as a civil engineer and wartime service in the Royal Engineers, he studied painting at Camberwell School of Art, where he was a pupil of William Coldstream. His engineering career took him to Indonesia and Libya, giving fresh inspiration for his paintings, as well as time spent in the West Country, Scotland, and the East Sussex countryside where he lived for much of his life. He died in 2021.

Elizabeth Wickham
Shoe studies in charcoal and conte and collage
12th – 20th October

Tuesdays-Saturdays 11.00am-4.00pm | Sunday 12 noon–4.00pm | Closed Monday

croc shoes EW 2023 copy.jpg
red shoes collage EW 2023 copy.jpg

I have always drawn since I was a child. But having gained a degree in Graphic Design at Brighton Polytechnic (now Brighton University) my career took me down the graphics route, working as a book designer and later, using the Arts, in my work as a Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist.  It’s only more recently, since Lockdown and going part-time, that I have returned to my own work and love of observational drawing and collage.

This exhibition, Sole Survivors, celebrates shoes in a series of drawings and collages drawn from my own collection of pre-loved shoes. In drawing out some of their idiosyncrasies I wanted to create my own visual narrative around each pair and in doing so, possibly reach out to some of their owners’ stories.

Harriet Hildick-Smith
26th October - 3rd November

Steve Jordan
9th - 17th November

DSCF0406 copy.jpg
DSCF0416 copy.jpg

Steven Jordan studied Fine Art at Camberwell School of Arts and Crafts and obtained his degree in 1976. He obtained his M.A. in Fine Art Painting at the Royal Academy School in London and was also awarded The Royal Academy Gold Medal for painting in 1982. In 1983 he studied and painted in Madrid on The Richard Ford Scholarship.

Since then Steven has pursued a career in teaching and taught painting at The Royal Academy Schools and Cheltenham College of Art before concentrating on secondary school teaching for thirty two years.


Steven’s work explores several themes, these being music, metaphor and Imagination. The music images respond to the musical compositions of Britten, Barber and Wagner. The metaphorical works are narrative landscapes. His recent work is focussed on imaginary landscapes based on observation and frequent walks on The South Downs.




This delightful visual arts exhibition space, first established as the Star Gallery in the late 1980s and later known as the Hop Gallery, has a history of hosting exhibitions by local, regional, national and international artists and of showcasing both established artists and up-and-coming talented artists, photographers and makers.

​This multifunctional space is ideal for displaying not only traditional and contemporary art and sculpture but also installations and craftwork of various kinds. We aim to stage an exciting diverse programme of exhibitions.

Situated in the centre of Lewes, the vibrant county town of East Sussex, the gallery is housed in the renovated 18th century Star Brewery building with its ancient brickwork and massive beams that is occupied by artists, framers, potters, filmmakers and many others.

The gallery is also a short walking distance from a wide range of Lewes’ other attractions which include the Norman castle and an interesting array of atmospheric coffee shops, pubs and restaurants as well as bookshops, antique markets and unique independent shops.

PATRONS: Stewart J Dalby | Sandra Banks | Andy Banks | Edward Mawby


Exhibition: Marco Crivello & Jacob Crivello, Continuum 4 21, Between the Water and the Clouds

Gallery Director, Neeta Pedersen

Neeta, who is an artist in her own right, has a special relationship to this artistic space having worked there for almost five years as gallery assistant to the then Gallery Owner, Curator and Director Angie Osborne when is was known as Hop Gallery.

Neeta is a multimedia artist with a distinctive style that comes from her unusual heritage, her extensive travels and her rich visual imagination. She has expressed herself in paintings, sculptures, digital art, illustration and animation. Her work, which ranges from the highly decorative and romantic to the stark and explicit, has gained her an international reputation.

Born in Mumbai to unknown parents, she was adopted at the age of six months by a Danish couple from Aarhus. After her primary and secondary schooling in Denmark, she left home at 17 to travel to Israel and then subsequently travelled to India and Nepal for six months to absorb and observe the culture she came from. She has also visited France, Germany, Central Europe and Scandinavia.

​In 1997, she moved to Lewes to study at Brighton College of Technology, where she gained a BTEC National Diploma in Multimedia. In 1999, she moved to the US to enrol in the Total Immersion Intensive Workshop at the New York Film Academy and, in 2005, gained a BA (Hons) in Animation from the University of Westminster in London.


Since 2006, Neeta has been working as an artist, illustrator, graphic designer and website builder. In February 2020 she became the owner and director of the Star Brewery Gallery and has staged a wide variety of successful exhibitions by established and up and coming artists.


"Showing at the Star Brewery Gallery was a really great experience. Neeta's excellent curatorial eye and help with setting up was invaluable. If any help or support was needed Neeta was aways on hand, nothing was too much trouble. It was such an easy and enjoyable experience exhibiting and everything went perfectly. I’m looking forward to showing here again."

Jenny Arran 07/11/2022

“Neeta’s wonderful blend of empathy and acumen made the experience of exhibiting in the gallery a pleasure. Enough support & structure that the whole process worked smoothly, enough freedom to allow for individuality & creativity. And her inherent warmth to add to the atmosphere…great cocktail! Thank you Neeta for creating the space for this to happen and for this beautiful building to thrive. Respect and appreciation!”

Rachael Plummer 09/06/2022

"THANK YOU Neeta Pedersen at The Star Brewery Gallery for delivering such a well organised and successful exhibition. Your expertise and support were outstanding throughout."

Andrew Fitchett  10/05/2022

"Neeta Pedersen could not have taken on the running of the Star Brewery Gallery at a less opportune time. The fact that she has managed to stage so many excellent exhibitions by well respected artists in the last two years is a tribute to her organisational skills and the esteem in which she is held by the arts community.

Many of us have exhibiting links with the gallery which go back to the pioneering days under Mike and Pat Cooper in the late eighties and it's encouraging that, among the new artists Neeta promotes, she is still very much supported by those with a history at the Star.

My exhibition last December, 'You Drink a Bit and Watch the Ghosts' was, after a difficult year for us all, marvellously supported and turned out to be my most successful show at the Star to date.

Working with Neeta is a pleasure and I'm really looking forward to my next collaboration with her in April 2022."

Peter Messer, 06/12/2021

‘It was a pleasure to show again with the Star Brewery Gallery. I first exhibited with the gallery (then called the Star Gallery) in the early 90s when it was run by Pat and Mike Cooper. They gave me my first shows including a joint exhibition of mine and my late father's paintings. It's so wonderful to see the gallery thriving again. Neeta is great to work with and the last show was one of the most successful I’ve had."

Tom Benjamin, 06/12/2021

"Thank you, Neeta. Working together with my gallerist Sarah O'Kane, we both came away with a warm positive buzz from the experience of putting on a show of my paintings at the Star Gallery this October.  Partly, of course, because all the practicalities - of installation, lighting,  security, money, etc - proved straightforward and efficient, when working with you. Partly also because the footfall was so healthy! But mostly because of the whole attitude you bring to the gallery.  You make it feel a welcoming place and one that's going to lift up the eyes and emotions of anyone who steps in - you make it feel like art ought to feel like. Once again - as in the old days of Pat and Mike Cooper that some of us remember - you are making the Star Gallery the heart of the town."

Julian Bell, 21 November 2021

"Many visitors and friends who came to my exhibition, said how glad they were that the gallery had been re-born since Neeta Pedersen took over as owner/manager. Following a period in which it had become a less-accessible space, it is now available to artists again as a proper gallery! My personal thanks go to Neeta for her guidance, communication skills during a difficult time for all, and her friendship. It has been the greatest pleasure to work with her. She is truly the star of the Star Brewery Gallery and long may she remain so."

Tom Walker, Artist, 03/08/2021

"The Star Brewery Gallery has been at the centre of the art life of Lewes since its inception as the Star Gallery in the late 1980s.  Over the ensuing years, under changing management and name, it has shown a huge range of artists and craftspeople including Paula Rego, Sir Hugh Casson, Christopher Le Brun and John Skelton to name just a few. I have consistently exhibited at the Star since its earliest days and have never found it to be less than an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

Neeta Pedersen worked there for five years as assistant to Gallery Owner, Curator and Director Angie Osborne under its spell as the Hop Gallery. I feel she really understood the Gallery’s ambitious attitude to the arts without losing sight of its place at the heart of the extensive local arts community. I, and many others, were very heartened to hear that she was taking over after a short period when, under other management, it had diverged from this and had become lost to view for many of us. I feel she has all the right capacities to make the gallery a great success. In addition to her five years practical experience in the space, she is a respected and successful artist in her own right and a well known and popular member of the community.

Due to the current unprecedented health emergency, the timing of Neeta’s takeover could not have been worse but she is attracting enormous goodwill from artists and supporters.  The general feeling is that if anyone has the character, resilience and will to bring the Gallery successfully back to the centre of Lewes cultural life, it is Neeta."

Peter Messer 09/04/20

"We were very disappointed when only a week away from the opening night, we realised the coronavirus crisis meant we would have to postpone the launch exhibition of The Star Brewery Gallery. To our amazement, Neeta refused to give in and within days, pulled together a very presentable online Star Brewery Gallery, worked out a social media campaign and launched the whole thing online and on time. The online Star Brewery Gallery has given me great publicity and healthy sales beyond my expectations. Neeta really has taken very good care of us and I feel very lucky to be represented by such a dynamic gallery."

Andrew Fitchett 09/04/2020

"I was approached by Neeta last year to see if I would be interested in exhibiting in the opening exhibition of the Star Brewery Gallery along with Andrew Fitchett and Peter Messer. It wasn’t a difficult decision. Although we haven't exhibited together for some time we have had a series of shows together in the past and I admire their work and I thought it would interesting to do it again. I also have a long history with the gallery and had some of my first solo shows when Pat and Mike Cooper ran it. I have always liked the character of the space, its beautifully lit and you can get surprisingly large amount of work on the walls. I also had a joint show of mine and my late father's paintings, which was a special occasion for me as we never had the chance to exhibit together in his lifetime and it attracted a lot of interest. 

It’s been a pleasure working with Neeta, we have had to be light on our feet as we've tried to keep pace with the rapidly changing restrictions imposed by the crisis. Neeta quickly thought of making the show an online event and we've combined in depth interviews, short films and images of the work to give people as rich an experience as possible. The response to the show has been tremendous and we are all committed to putting on a physical show in the gallery when we are on the other side of this challenging time."

Tom Benjamin 09/04/2020


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There is a direct train from London Victoria to Lewes and bus services from Brighton to Lewes. Catch the bus No 28 or 29 which takes you to Lewes High Street. Get off at the Lewes Crown Court and walk down Fisher Street where you will see the Star Brewery building on your left.  There are two different entrances to the gallery.


The Star Brewery Gallery does not have designated parking. There are car parking facilities within the town which allows all-day parking, payment by the meter.



Matisse, Picasso & Miró 


6th - 14th April

Open 11am-4pm daily

Le Cavalier (Mousquetaire a la Pipe), 1968, Lithograph, Edition of 300, Signed and numbere
Le Grand Nu, 1906, Lithograph, Hand signed by Matisse, Edtion of 50, £9,750 copy.jpg
MAT00519P12-image copy.jpg
Lithographe IV (II) signed and numbered in pencil, edition of 150, £4,750 copy.jpg

This April, the Star Brewery Gallery is delighted to be working with Hidden Gallery to present an exciting exhibition featuring artworks by three of the most renowned artists of the 20th century.

Discover original artworks by some of the most celebrated artists of all time, including Matisse's iconic 'Blue Nudes', hand signed Miró, and Picasso’s iconic lithographs . This is an unparalleled opportunity to not only admire but also acquire pieces by these artistic titans for your own home.

Hidden Gallery has 30 years’ experience in the field of art bought for pleasure and investment. Every piece in this exhibition is original and represents the pinnacle of artistic achievement.

East Sussex College Students
A Cut Above

12th - 17th March

Tuesday-Saturday 10am-4pm | Sunday 1pm-4pm

The Star Brewery Gallery once again plays host to the work of East Sussex College students for this year's Royal Opera House Design Challenge. This year the prestigious competition is based on Rossini's opera, ‘The Barber of Seville’.  Work by East Sussex College, Lewes students studying Art & Design Extended Diploma will include their submissions for Marketing Strategy & Design, Costume Design and Set Design pathways.


Over 40 schools/colleges nationally participate in this annual competition as it provides an incredible opportunity for students to engage with a ‘live’ brief, a real client, and create a design for the most prestigious stage in the country, if not the world.  Locally, it provides the Art & Design Extended Diploma, Animation & Illustration and Beauty & Make-Up students from East Sussex College, Lewes the opportunity to test and develop their marketing, production and creative design skills based around a production. The college has an highly impressive track record of students winning or being awarded highly commended for their highly imaginative, creative responses and outcomes, with at least one winner for one of the five categories in the past ten years.  


To help support the students, members of the public are encouraged to fill in a short questionnaire and vote for their favourite piece of work. The 'best in show’ will  awarded a private view to be held lunchtime on Sunday 17th March, before the exhibition will be opened again, at 1pm, to members of the public. A small selection of the best work will then be submitted to the Royal Opera House Design Challenge. 


Students will hear if they have been successful in the Royal Opera House Design Challenge later this Spring. 

A Cut Above poster copy.jpg
Jack poster small copy.jpg

Chelsea Renton
My Studio at the Star Brewery Gallery
9 - 17 December 2023

Chelsea Renton .jpg

A Christmas sale of work, both old and new, from my studio: paintings, sculpture, drawings and cartoons. I will be doing portrait sittings during the run of the exhibition at the Star - if you would like to book a portrait sketch, email:

In and Out of the Woods
Peter Messer
25 November - 3 December 2023

Stopped Tree copy.jpg
On an Overgrown Path copy.jpg

Having spent so long painting the intimate details of Lewes town, I felt that I needed to move into some differently structured and nuanced spaces. The paintings in this exhibition contain many references to woodland, some actual and some less so. It has been a fascinating and liberating lateral step which has allowed me to pull many psychic loose ends together.


I will never be a plein air painter, neither do I especially share the current literary enthusiasm for reconnection with the natural world. I grew up playing and dreaming in the woods over the road from my childhood home and am simply seeking and making other, similar, playgrounds. For now.

Tom Benjamin

Sussex by the Sea

Paintings of Hastings, Hope Gap, Newhaven and Brighton

4 - 19 November 2023

x Tom Benjamin 1810 Trafalger Street,Winter Sunlight 2022 oil on board 11 x 14 inches £960
x Tom Benjamin 1811 The Konedia at Dusk 2022 oil on board 11 x 14 inches £960 copy.jpg

After several years focusing on woods and natural coastland this show will include paintings made in central Brighton and of the bulldozers and boats on Hastings beach.

Sensuality Of Being
Latest work by Sarah Bristow
21-29 October 2023


Sarah is a local artist, having exhibited broadly over the years, from London, Berlin, Ireland and East Africa. Sarah’s work is defined by it’s commanding use of colour, line and form, creating a strong sensual experience. Her work is usually derived from a single or inter-active figure, exploring shapes, spaces and shadows, with an emotional quality of touch.

Stories From A Life

Artworks by Neeta Pedersen

7-15 October 2023

A Guardian Angel lowres.jpg

Neeta explores the world of her imagination, illustrated in her personal artwork, which is dominated by feminine sensuality, sexuality, energy, emotion, dreams and fantasies. She expresses these feelings in many media including paintings, sculptures, digital art and animation. Her work ranges from the highly decorative and romantic to the stark and explicit. 


In February 2020 she became the owner and director of the Star Brewery Gallery in Lewes and has staged a wide variety of successful exhibitions by local artists.

Martin Rowsell
23 September - 1 October 2023

Michael Caine adjusted small copy.jpg
Harveys adjusted small copy.jpg

Martin Rowsell is an artist and designer from Peacehaven. Although creative all his life, it was only due to a downturn in design work during the pandemic that allowed him to begin to paint more productively. Working in a modern pop-art meets graffiti style, and often finishing the portraits off with foil leaf, the exhibition will be an opportunity to view a selection of his paintings in all their glory and see the impact their size has first hand.


The Art of Biodiversity

Celebrating nature in its many forms

2nd - 17th September 2023

Tom Benjamin 

Andrew Fitchett 

Paul Newland 

Kate Montgomery 

Heather McAteer 

Jason Tremlett 

Adele Scantlebury 

Sasha Turnbull

Riga Forbes

Joanna Farrow 

Rosie Good 

Mark Munroe-Preston

Ellie Hipkin 

Steve Gallagher 

Nichola Campbell 

Jane Palmer 

John Ball 

Rachael Nicholson

Harry Brayne  

Dan Johnson

The Art of Biodiversity.jpg

​‘Biodiversity is the key to the maintenance

of the world as we know it’

-Edward O’Wilson


This exhibition follows on from two highly successful group shows – ‘The Tree Show’ in 2001 and the 2022 Artwave exhibition ‘The River Show’. Both were exciting and successful events containing a diverse selection of artwork by painters, sculptors, photographers and printmakers, which attracted a large number of visitors.


We believe that art is an important way of increasing awareness of the urgent need to take action to preserve and protect our natural environment in an age of climate change.

Total Immersion 
Sara Hill
12 - 28 August 2023


New works, oils on canvas, pencils and inks on cotton rag paper, as always inspired by the world around us. I am immersed in the sea, the woods and nature. It’s a beautiful world.

Remember This
29 July - 6 August 2023

Moments in time captured in clay, photography, paint and pastels.

Fresh and affordable art by

Louise Bell, Pippa Honess, Ruth Plunkett, Jason Munro and Annie Bell.

Remember this.jpg

Louise Bell

A Lewes based ceramic artist, Louise makes hand built sculptures with multi - layered surfaces and multi - layered meanings. Her ‘Ancient Toys’ are inspired by the universal appeal of toys that date back as far as 1500 BC. The surface treatment of this collection gives the impression of toys being rescued from the earth and reflects a desire to preserve childhood objects and value iconic toys. Louise studied Fine and Applied Art at City Lit College, London and completed a Masters in Craft, specialising in ceramics at Brighton University in 2019.


Pippa Honess

Pippa’s hand built, smoke fired, ceramic vessels are inspired by her love of the sea and Sussex gardens. She has worked as both gardener and potter for over 20 years. Pippa studied Fine and Applied Art (Ceramics) at City Lit College, London. 


Jason Munro

Jason’s latest series of paintings focus on everyday objects around the home. Those rare moments when the light falls perfectly and the spaces usually ignored seem to catch our attention. Working in oil paints he captures light and colour in a way that highlights the beauty in the mundane. 

Jason is a Print / Graphic Designer. He studied Illustration and Design at Kingston University.

Ruth Plunkett

The Vanishing Point series was created during a visit to Orford Ness, Suffolk on a memorably hot afternoon. Ruth says: I have often felt these images to have almost created themselves, for only later did I see, and re-see in them for the first time, how ‘past’, ‘present’ and ‘future’ memory appears spatially inseparable, reminding me that nothing is quite as it seems, and that time and endings are rarely on quite the linear trajectory we often imagine. As a poet/photographer with a background in psychotherapy, Ruth is attracted by that which is ambiguous, misleading and/or unresolved. Longing and desire too, play their part, often to be found in images of solitariness. 

Annie Bell

Annie is a Lewes based artist who translates the feelings from moments in time into abstract, expressive oil pastel drawings. Be it spotting the first daffodil in spring, a good news story or a gloomy dark day. Annie likes to play with colour and mark making to create textured oil ‘landscapes’ on paper. Building up several layers of oil pastel until finally achieving the ‘moment of calm’ in which the work is finished.

Annie is also the Event Director of London Design Fair. She has a degree in Fine Art from Kingston University.

Gabrielle Lord
15 - 23 July 2023 

Fan Dancer copy.jpg
gabrielle lord3.jpg

Paintings on a burlesque theme, to evoke the excitement, anticipation and colour of live performance.


As a figurative artist with an interest movement, this is a theme from which I can draw constant inspiration. For me there is a nostalgia and surreal quality to circus and burlesque which reaches out to all the senses, making everything seem larger than life.


Burlesque as a term originally comes from an Italian word burla, meaning “joke, ridicule, a mockery”, and was first coined in the 1500s. It came to describe a variety show in the USA, popular from the 1860s until the 1940s, that was both provocative and comedic.  Resurgence of interest in the art form in the 1990s led to neo or new burlesque, which is characterised by self expression, elaborate costume, bawdy humour, circus performances and sensual dance, and is no longer about seeking the validation or approval of men.


I think what particularly interests me in portraying these performers is seeing physically and emotionally strong women who push at the boundaries of what is socially acceptable, completely out there in terms of being their true uncensored, unapologetic selves.

Eye Training 
Claire Hoskin
1 - 9 July 2023

1917.47.141 copy.jpg
1940.12.358 copy.jpg

Claire Hoskin’s work is based on objects in the Pitt Rivers Museum which houses the University of Oxford’s anthropological collection.


Using drawing and collage as a process of abstraction the original artefacts are “evolved” into small scale mixed media sculptural pieces. The sculptures are made using predominantly natural and repurposed materials to reflect the nature of the objects that inspired them.


Each piece’s title is the museum’s accession number for the original artefact to acknowledge its connection to the work and skill of its largely unknown, or unnamed, maker.

Cloth, Paper, Steel
A photography exhibition featuring work by Steve Gallagher
17 - 25 June 2023

SteveGallagher-Cloth-02 copy.jpg
SteveGallagher-Steel-03 copy.jpg
SteveGallagher-Paper-02 copy.jpg

"Cloth, Paper, Steel" is a new exhibition of fine art photographs by Steve Gallagher, whose finely-detailed floral studies and dramatic seascapes reflect the richness and variety of the Sussex landscape. Steve's recent work has been shortlisted for prestigious awards such as Lens Culture's Black & White Photography Awards 2022 and Close Up Photographer of the Year 2022.


"Cloth, Paper, Steel" showcases Steve's use of a range of media to highlight different aspects of his work. It is an opportunity for visitors to experience photography in a new light and discover the impact those media can have on the overall experience of the photographs. Each medium has been chosen to enhance the impact and meaning of the images on display, providing a unique visual experience for visitors.


The exhibition features a diverse range of photographs, from stunning seascapes to intricate floral portraiture. The photographs printed on cloth create a sense of delicacy and an ethereal element to the imagery. Steve's images on paper, on the other hand, provide a classic and timeless feel. And finally, new photographs printed on metal (steel) showcase a different level of depth, richness, and texture, an ideal medium for images that depict strength, power, and durability.


Nature's Rhythms: Semi-abstract and Abstract

Kate Rosie
3 - 11 June 2023

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20221024_123324 copy.jpg

For this body of work I have attempted to achieve the right balance between the figurative and abstract.  Both disciplines are familiar in my art process and create a way of communicating through artistic expression.


Reimagined and seen places of the semi-abstract landscape dominate most of my work as we move from season to season. The influences of post impressionism are very evident as I strive to reject limitations.  Walking at the coast along with walks in the country, I often take photographs and do little sketches at familiar places.  Back in my studio I tend to work intuitively and warm up by taking an existing painting to rework before I start on new work. Mark making and layering is a process which adds depth and texture and allows me to experiment and explore, including the addition of collage. 


Without the foundations of a starting point abstraction can be a challenge, but in all of this, there is an element of emotional response, which can take me in many directions as I look to the non-representational and rely on my inner stimulus and what it is I am attempting to portray. Using collage within my abstract work is also a means to an end using various materials and assembling to create contrast, including several applications of mixed media, relying on informed decisions which represent how I feel about a particular topic.


Mark Munroe-Preston & Gareth Hayward

19 - 28 May 2023

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CHROMA 10 copy.jpg


An exhibition showcasing the work of Mark Munroe-Preston and Gareth Hayward.


Both artists use their individual mediums to create atmospheric landscapes, utilising

colour, texture and light to create their dramatic statement pieces.


The show will include original paintings and limited edition prints on aluminium and paper.

Inside Outside
John Martin RBA
5 - 14 May 2023

Brighton Studio  oil on canvas  145cm x 115cm £10,000 small file copy.jpg
Brighton Seafront oil on board 20cm x 30cm £1250 small file copy.jpg

The exhibition will include paintings made over the last few years on location in Sussex and on the Continent, as well as still life and interior subjects.

Inside and outside is a theme which often occurs in my paintings.

Sense of place and light are very important to me and I hope that this is conveyed in a spontaneous way through paint.

The Lower Limb of the Moon and Other Paintings
Peter Chasseaud 
15 - 23 April 2023 

IMG_4431 copy.jpg

His landscape and figurative work reflects the influence of the urban landscape of London and the rural vistas of the Sussex weald and downland – its swelling hill-forms and concave valleys, its trees, skies and heavenly bodies – and also of human figures, dancers in particular.

Peter Chasseaud is a painter and printmaker, who also works in several other media. He has been painting in and around Lewes for 50 years. He did his foundation course in 1969-70 at Croydon College of Art, and studied Fine Art Painting and Printmaking in the 1970s at Brighton Polytechic – now University of Brighton. He has exhibited at many venues in Lewes and Brighton, some of his earliest being part of the ‘Lewes is Alive’ festivals of the 1970s. He has shown at the Star Gallery (now Star Brewery Gallery), Fitzroy House,
Thebes, Lewes House, North Street Gallery, the Burstow Gallery at Brighton College, etc. In addition to his painting, he runs the Tom Paine Press & Gallery in Lewes High Street, and produces his own artist’s books/poetic photobooks. His last exhibition at the Star (Willow/Wilg/Weide/Saule) was a series of large gouache paintings on hand-made paper, the theme being Flanders willow trees. He has shown his artist’s books at the London Artists Book Fair at the South Bank, Barbican, and Whitechapel, and at the Small Publishers Fair and Oxford Fine Press Fair among other venues.

One For Sorrow
Josh Hight
1 - 10 April 2023

Untitled Session11187_josh hight.jpg
Josh Hight.jpg

A deeply personal series of images in response to the grieving process and recovery from loss. 


Photographs and Books

One for Sorrow paints a delicate portrait of grief and loss. Having lost both his father and brother decades apart, the grieving process is something Hight has faced head-on and addresses the binary reputation of recovery as something, “one always feels the need to be on the right side of.” Taking inspiration from his own dreams during periods of heightened emotion alongside the symbiotic relationship which exists between light and dark, the carefully curated work remains distinctly Hight in style while thematically exploring a universal experience. Articulating something which will affect us all, Hight’s collection of images traverses the varying degrees of sorrow and grief, most importantly accentuating the idea emotions are anything but linear.

Josh Hight (b.1979, Detroit) is a photographer now residing in Lewes, UK. Josh’s work is informed by nature, isolation, occultism and the unknown. Often his work places the viewer in the midst of things so that we are not certain of what we are seeing, where we are or what might happen next. Over the past 10 years Hight has garnered attention as a fashion photographer, and has shot for brands such as Fendi, Margaret Howell and Sunspel, while the list of talent who have stood before his lens is endless, including the likes of Emma D’Arcy, Alan Moore and Thomas Brodie-Sangster.

Today Hight continues to make work in and around Lewes, citing the mysticism of the East Sussex landscape and folk lore history as current drivers within his work.

Visions to Enchant
East Sussex College
21 - 26 March 2023

visions to enchant final copy.jpg

The Visions to Enchant exhibition comes to the Star Brewery Gallery in Lewes later this month, ahead of the Royal Opera House Design Challenge 2023. Art and Design Extended Diploma student, Phoebe Ociepka-Tearle, reports. 

This year’s Design Challenge is based on Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s opera, ‘The Magic Flute’.  

Work by ESC Lewes students studying Art & Design Extended Diploma, will be showcased along with the work of two Beauty & Makeup students at the Star Brewery Inn this month in an exciting new exhibition, Visions to Enchant. To help support the students, members of the public are encouraged to fill in a short questionnaire and vote for their favourite piece of work. The 'best in show’ will  awarded a private view to be held lunchtime on Sunday 26th March, before the exhibition will be opened again, at 1pm, to members of the public. A selection of work will then be submitted to the Royal Opera House Design Challenge. 

Each year, East Sussex College Art & Design students submit work for the Royal Opera House Design Challenge. The competition, open to all UK FE colleges and sixth form schools/colleges, is an incredible opportunity for students to engage with a ‘live’ brief, a real client, and create a design for the most prestigious stage in the country, if not the world.  

Locally, it provides the Art & Design Extended Diploma, Animation & Illustration and Beauty & Make-Up students from ESC Lewes the opportunity to test and develop their marketing, production and creative design skills based around a production. 


Students will hear if they have been successful in the Royal Opera House Design Challenge later this Spring. This will be the xx consecutive competition the College has entered, and follows success in its previous xxx years.  

Spirit of Place

New paintings by Julian Le Bas

4 - 12 March 2023

Northbank from Southease Autumn, 30 x 40cm.jpg
Seaford Head from Splash Point, Early Morning, Winter 2022,100 x 170cm.jpg

‘The joyous and challenging experiences of several decades of painting the South Downs and coastline has deepened in my work over the last three years. Colour has increasingly been a significant vehicle to express my feelings about form and light.’

Julian Le Bas 2023

The Sussex Book of Revelations

Heading 2

A rare chance to see the longest book on Sussex ever published. 

A historical poetic voyage – 26 feet long!

Poem by John May / Paintings by Peter Messer

3-11 December 2022

Sussex Book of Revelations.jpg

The Book of Sussex Revelations contains a long epic poem by John May with 12 paintings by Peter Messer. The book was designed by Andy Gammon, Text pages were silk-screened by Ian Brown, bound by Rachel Ward-Sale in a lectern/Carrying case made by Colin Sullivan with metal fastenings by Simeon Smythe.

What makes the book unusual is that its 29 pages, each measuring 34.5cm x 50.8cm, are held together in a concertina binding which is encased in a specially made box. When fully extended, the book forms a 26ft-long frieze [7.9metres] which enables all the text and pictures to be seen at once.

Commissioned in 1999 as a core element of a Millennium Festival project, the book toured 11 libraries in East and West Sussex from July to December 2000. In the following 20 years this valuable and unique book was lost to sight. John May made many attempts over the years to try and locate it without success until finally, in 2022, he was contacted by Hastings library who had held the book in their archive. It was returned safe and sound in July and is on show in an art gallery for the first time.

book of revelations.jpg

Grant Dejonge
Hidden Places

19-27 November 2022

Grant Dejonge 001.jpg
Grant Dejonge 002.jpg

Encouraged to leave school at 16 with Sculpture O level firmly under my belt, i entered the job market with high hopes and a love for all things creative. 
After spells working as a Furrier, Estate agent, Hairdresser and Sofa bed delivery man, I eventually settled into an apprenticeship in Hatton Garden as a jeweller. 
Always with creativity in mind, I specialised in lost wax casting, and on completing my term as an apprentice was promptly replaced by technology and my job became obsolete. 
Once again I set out into the big wide world and found myself washed up on the shores of Camden Lock. It was the early 90s and the country was raving. Camden was buzzing and at the weekend fly pitching was the thing to do , making and selling my own jewellery. By night I painted backdrops for various clubs and raves, I spent the mid nineties travelling in South America with my now wife Jacqueline and upon my return in ‘96 we set up shop on Brighton Seafront in the Sugarglider Gallery selling works of ceramic, silver and paint. Good years on the seafront were interrupted beautifully by the birth of our first son and new adventures called, so we sold up and moved to France, a little village in the south called Valras Plage. It is in the South of France that I found my love of landscape painting. With a year as house husband I would take Alex on long walks with my paint box and it was from these roots the landscape grew. We returned after one wonderful year and found ourselves by lucky hap in the picturesque village of Plumpton. We were blessed with another child and I settled to being a father and painting the surrounding South Downs , which have become my absolute muse. I still live in Plumpton with my wife and two children and I hope you enjoy the paintings on show.

Jenny Arran


22-30 October 2022

Jenny Arran001.jpg
Jenny Arran002.jpg

Jenny studied Sculpture at Brighton University and has an MA from the Slade School of Fine Art. She’s been Artist in Residence for Towner Gallery, Eastbourne, performed at the International Festival of Drawing and has had drawings and poetry published. 


Her work is inspired by the physical ‘bodies’ of nature, the sense of movement and entanglement, the chaos and rhythm, the play of light and shade. Painting is an intuitive and expressive process - a translation of a sensory experience - she works from visual memory, recalling snapshots of colour, the sense of fleeting moments of time and connection so the work becomes a blend of the real and remembered - of inner and outer landscapes.’

Alicia Tolhurst-Brown

Spirit of Water

 8 - 16 October 2022

Spring Tide lR.jpg
lydford gorge lowres4.jpg

The spirit of the sea will always captivate my Piscean personality. I've always lived by the coast of Sussex and during lockdown my family took many walks along our local coastline. I love that the sea has so many moods, from the high energy and exhilaration of powerful waves to the contrasting soft light of a late afternoon when the sea is like silk. 

When I'm not by the coast I'm wild swimming and diving in some of the UK's stunning lakes and rivers. Under water gorges and the depths of our Crystal waters take me to another world, I would love to share my view with you.

Harriet Hildick-Smith
My Midnight Garden
24 September - 2 October 2022
11am - 4pm daily | Closed Monday


Harriet studied Fine Art at the City and Guilds London Art School, and this is her first show at the Star Gallery in Lewes. Her work is of a story-telling nature, oil on hardboard, and draws on dream-like themes set in strange nocturnal landscapes, with a focus on adolescence, aloneness, motherhood and moonlight. In her work can be seen the echoes of her major influences such as Redon, Rego, Aitchison, Munch and Pacheco. Her paintings reveal personal longings and confusions, and bravely expose her childlike wonderment and fearfulness, at a time of transition in her own life. 


3rd - 18th September 2022


As a part of the Artwave Festival, the Star Brewery Gallery presents THE RIVER SHOW - an exciting group exhibition of works by artists celebrating the beauty of rivers and highlighting their importance in a climate change era. The exhibition has been organised by Gallery Director Neeta Pedersen and journalist John May. 

Neeta says: "We hope our exhibition - which features various artists from Lewes and the surrounding area - will focus minds not only on the importance of our rivers and our water supplies and their great value to wildlife and our natural environment but also to their great beauty which has inspired artists - past and present. The paintings on show from 16 artists are very varied and demonstrate the many different styles and mediums that the artists have brought to this subject."


Peter Messer

Tom Benjamin

Andrew Fitchett

Paul Newland

Chris Drury

Graham Sendall

Steve Gallagher

Nichola Campbell

Jason Tremlett

Riga Forbes

Helen Hockin

Rosie Good

Jenny Arran

Rachael Nicholson

Adele Gibson

Vicky Gomez

The River Show.jpg

Thank you Stewart and Lesley Dalby for so kindly donating funds to help us to finance the RIVER SHOW for Artwave 2022.

Sara Hill

Rhythms of Life

5 - 21 August 2022

Sarah Hill 001.jpg
Sarah Hill 002.jpg

My work is a mixture of colourful, energetic and thought provoking seascapes, landscapes and abstracts. I work in oils, pencil and pastel. I have exhibited in over 100 shows, many of them solo, across the UK also in Berlin. My work has been featured in many TV shows and I have buyers across the globe.

Life in front of the Lens 

People and Stories by Andrew Whittuck

July 22 - 31 2022

Paris BRA 1965 999 copy.jpg

Andrew Whittuck is a professional photographer with over 50 years experience.  


During his long and varied career he has photographed: The Pink Floyd in 1967; the Beatles when they met the Maharishi at the Hilton Hotel; Mick Jagger and Marianne Faithful; Malcolm X meeting RD Laing and Allen Ginsberg at the Roundhouse and took ‘stills’ of Helen Mirren in one of her first films.


Earlier in his career he photo-documented some thoughtful pictures of the Aberfan disaster.  He was also the photographer for a journalist writing a piece on the stresses facing undergraduate students back in the 60’s.


He photographed the amazing dishes created by Keith Floyd and Antonio Carluccio for their cookery books, and for many magazines including the Observer, Sunday Times, Elle and Woman magazines.


Andrew has worked with performance and artists including Bobby Baker, Richard Deacon, Mark Storor, and also for galleries White Cube and the Lisson Gallery.

David Taylor
Tide mills and the Surrounding Area

8 -17 July 2022

David Taylor2.jpg

As a painter I view The Tide Mill site as a hidden record of the past 200 years, waiting to be rediscovered .  A lost Village, littered with the remains of two World Wars and even remnants of the Napoleonic wars. 

The Tide Mills remind me of my own past in the 1940s as a child, surrounded by the bomb sites of London. 

We played on these sites, running in and out of the ruined houses. The rooms would be scattered with old photos, books, broken furniture and china, and even pictures hanging on the damp paper walls.

I grew up in an orphanage, and these derelict family homes had special significance that resonates with me to this day.

Using what remains on the Tide Mill site, my paintings create a collage of the history, in an attempt to capture surrender of the soul and submission to a way of life.

Mikey Skinner 


24th June - 3rd July 2022

Visual Experiments-005.jpg

In 1966 I attended art school and trained to be a graphic designer. I worked in London and then Brighton where I freelanced for ten years. I then became a lecturer in graphic design until my retirement. 

I have been making images all my life through photography, drawing, 

painting, collage, graphic design & digital media.  I have made many collages and other mixed media artworks and dabbled with painting. During 2010 – 2020 I made a series of Art Boxes. On the first of January 2020 I started to paint seriously using acrylic on canvas & combining paint with collage.

The exhibition will display my paintings and some art boxes.

On the 1st January 2020 I started to paint seriously and have been painting since then. I see my work as a fusion of subconscious reasoning with paint, collage, colour, texture & three dimensional elements. I use abstract expressionism to paint quite large works on canvas with acrylics. Colour is my main consideration, and I like to use bright hues. I also combine paint and collage in my work. I don’t really plan works as such. I want to use my subconscious to create paintings which are free from constraints.  I am getting away from the rules and regulations governing the work I did as a graphic designer and teacher during my life. So, I start with a few ideas, and then progress, until I feel the work has reached a satisfying conclusion. Then I see all kinds of references and symbols which I recognize. 

The Art Boxes display imagery which illustrates a particular story or theme. I found the research very interesting and the method I was going to use to communicate the idea. I used a variety of mixed media for these.

Sarah Money
Oil & Stone

10th - 19th June 2022 


I live and work in the village of Chiddingly, East Sussex. Throughout my adult life I have performed in physical theatre and contemporary dance, attained a BA Hons degree in Dance with Visual Practice, qualified as a therapist and taught pilates for 20 years.

Throughout my work, a passion for the human form has led me to rediscover working with both clay and paint. I started working with clay when I was 16, in my school art classes. It was something of a eureka moment for me . But it would be another 30 years before I began sculpting and painting again.

My work is constantly evolving. My sculpting explores the human form with a strong emphasis on movement, texture and colour. This same emphasis has been carried into my painting process, albeit with less focus on the human form.

The exhibition will include both my paintings and sculptures. 

My process is loose and free, both in application and in its finished form. I experience the combined qualities of movement, texture and colour as I work, allowing feelings and emotions to play their part. It is simply the essence of my subject , in that moment , that I am trying to capture. The exhibition is an opportunity for me to show all aspects of my work thus far.

Rachael Plummer 

animal / mineral

28 May - 5 June 2022


A body of work which explores animal, mineral & plant life & the ways we interconnect, belong, forget … a departure and a homecoming.


Mineral inclusion, plant matters, animal presence…


“ A completely achieved personal visual language.” Julian Bell, Artist and Art Writer


“ An energetic and delicate perception.” Louisa Thomsen Brits, Author


“ Some of them look like mud but in a nice way, all of them make me feel excited and alive.” Lola aged 9

Jonathan G Skelton
Diadem and Dance

Paintings of downland and music

15 - 22 May 2022

Jonathan G Skelton001.jpg

This exhibition features the many aspects of a single downland hill, Wolstonbury, near Hurstperpoint, Sussex. In a suite of paintings, Jonathan’s broad brush strokes capture her sinuous curves and the dignity she maintains despite the vicissitudes of man.

The artist’s love of music is represented in a single piece by what’s been described as the ‘art of dance’, Bach’s famous keyboard work ‘Goldberg Variations’. 


Jonathan G Skelton (b.1949), son of the sculptor John Skelton, began work as an artist from the mid 1990’s, following professional life as designer and craftsman. He created 2D and 3D mixed media pieces until 2009 when he turned to landscape painting. His twin practices of Tai Chi and Chinese calligraphy feed into his work.

Closely Observed Worlds

Paintings by Andrew Fitchett, Films by Nick Collins

30 April - 8 May 2022

'Messenian Notebook' still 2 from 16mm film.jpg
Lime Hawk Moth Oil on canvas 80cm x 100cm.jpg


Both artists use their respective mediums to create meditative images that revel in the long gaze. Following initial connection to their subjects Andrew and Nick contemplate the minute elements that make up the work, lingering on moments in time to create atmospheric slivers of existence. These beautifully crafted observations give the viewer an opportunity to dwell on bold, powerful compositions and to lose themselves in the physical detail and passing ghosts of shadow and light that hold our world together.


Andrew Fitchett 

I have been making paintings since leaving London in 1992. The composition and drawing skills I developed during my design and advertising career have a strong presence in my work. Whether I am working small or large, I find detail is unavoidable. Inspiration often comes from the atmosphere of a place. I am particularly drawn to moments of stillness and isolation, and it is these sensations that make a landscape interesting for me rather than any specific type of terrain. The painting that follows is a kind of enhanced memory that is developed in my studio working with oil on canvas from sketches made on location. Sometimes the work has a meaning beyond the obvious elements that make up the painting and connects with my wider experiences. 

My long-standing love of Crows is more folklore than ornithological, and they often make appearances in my paintings. I have recently been exploring the world of moths and butterflies. Close observation of their intricate wing patterns has inspired me to make a series of oversized paintings in celebration of their beauty. ​

My work is in private collections in UK, Holland, Germany, Norway, America and Canada and I have exhibited my work across the UK from Brighton to Edinburgh.

​Nick Collins

Nick was born in 1953, and has been making films since 1976. His films, usually filmed on Super-8 and 16mm film, explore landscapes, human presence and absence and the passage of time. Nick Collins’ films have been shown widely at film festivals in Europe and elsewhere.

'The hallmark of Nick Collins’ films is their concise poetic and observational statement that offer a space for reflection on landscape, cinema, sound and image.’ (A.L. Rees, Sequence, issue 2, 2012).

I think of my films as objects which have a time dimension. Each film should have an overall sense of the time it represents (often the sense of a single, though in reality composite, day) and also a shape across its duration, as well as a feel and a palette. Qualities of light and times of day are very important to me. I attempt a balancing-act between the sense of an event and the sense of an object, trying to achieve both at the same time.

The films are usually the result of my encounters with places, and the filming often involves revisiting places which have a particular historical quality or resonance. My relationship with a place evolves with each visit, with my reading about it and reflection on its filmic possibilities. The films I have made in Greece both draw on and feed my obsession with the ancient world, and with places where it is visible in and part of the present. I prefer small sites to more spectacular ones, which have often been separated off from their surrounding environments.

The film camera is an instrument for seeing and can sometimes represent an individual’s vision. The sense of historical time present in the films throws into relief moments of attention visible in the filming – a pan which is like a glance, a focussing movement, or the appearance of a striking composition. The medium I use, 16mm film, is also important – each frame exposed by the camera is a once-only, permanent altering of a piece of film material, which remains as a trace of the moment of filming. My body of work contains both sound and silent films.

Quiet Times Close To Home
Paintings by Peter Messer

15th - 24th April 2022

PM Star 15.04.22 A5 e-mailer.jpeg
Easing the Spring.jpg

'Quiet Times Close To Home'' is Peter Messer's first exhibition at Star Brewery Gallery since the highly successful 'You Drink a Bit and Watch the Ghosts' in 2020.

He is well known for his intense tempera paintings, frequently set in, around or parallel with his home town of Lewes. Whilst the settings are often recognizable, the implied narratives and tensions create an idiosyncratic world that sometimes unsettles and occasionally amuses.

His work is filled with arrested moments pinned down within a luminously deadpan egg tempera technique and his intent and watchful paintings, for all their quiet ‘realism’, demonstrate that the unseen exists and has properties. He works in a world ignored by many of us until he, deftly and persuasively, reminds us of it.

Born in 1954, Peter Messer studied Fine Art at the University of Brighton. He works mainly in egg tempera on a traditional gesso ground and has exhibited in solo and group shows in the UK, US, Germany and France.

His work has been frequently exhibited at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition and the New English Art Club and he has been a finalist in the Hunting, Garrick Milne, Lyn Painter-Stainers and Singer and Friedlander Prize exhibitions. In 1998 he won the Sotheby's -sponsored Chichester Art Prize and in 2000 was commissioned to provide twelve paintings for the Sussex Book of Revelations, an Arts Council Millennium Project which toured Sussex libraries. In 2004 he completed a commission for the House of Lords.

'On The Way To Work. The Lewes Paintings Of Peter Messer' was published in 2007. 

'A Thin Place in Lewes' was published in 2021.

He has been a full-time painter for many years, lives and works in Lewes, Sussex and has paintings in collections in Belgium, France, Germany, Holland, Spain, Norway, Sweden and the US, as well as the UK.

Marco & Jacob Crivello 

‘and the rest is rust and stardust’

25 March - 7 April 2022


Following their successful 2021 show at the Star Brewery Gallery, Father and son, Marco and Jacob Crivello look forward to returning with new works, including Resonance paintings, dioramas, sculptures and installations.

Marco and Jacob work out of the continuum studio in the centre of Lewes.

The Human Factor

a group exhibition exploring the human condition

5 - 13 March 2022



‘Even the Fool must set off, stumbling falling, never stopping…’ *  Love and desire, the mundane and the joy of being alive, familial bonds and histories, happy memories and melancholic loss, earthly paradise and the prism of politics, cultural artifice and complex identities… above all, the urge to communicate humanity through art: welcome to The Human Factor.                                                   

Sarah O’Kane 2022

*The Baron Gilvan

Exhibiting artists: Mikey Cuddihy, The Baron Gilvan,Caroline Streatfield, Maliheh Zafarnezhad, Julian Bell, Eugene Palmer, Heather McAteer, Charlotte Snook, Fergus Hare, Orna Schneerson Pascal, Jo Lamb, Philippa Paterson, Nick Bodimeade, James William Murray, May Hands, Jane Hansford, Louise Bristow, Dave Stephens

Wish You Were Here
East Sussex College
22 - 27 February 2022

poster final-2.jpg

The Royal Opera House Design Challenge is an international annual competition which is open to all UK FE colleges and sixth form schools/colleges. Locally it provides the Art & Design Extended Diploma students from East Sussex College, Lewes, the opportunity to test and develop their marketing, production and creative design skills based around an opera or ballet production. This year the opera is Peter Grimes by Benjamin Britten. This project is an incredible opportunity for our students to engage with a ‘live’ brief, a real client and design for the most prestigious stage in the country, if not the world. 


Each participating student needs to work through the stages of design, realising a professional director’s vision and building a portfolio of their process and a final piece in one of four categories: 
Set Design
Costume Design
Marketing Strategy & Design
Hair, Wigs & Make-Up                       

There is an additional requirement of the Royal Opera House Design Challenge to follow a Director’s Vision. The close collaboration and full understanding between a director and a designer are an essential part of every production and crucially important to the successful execution of the conceptual vision of the director.


With over 2,000 entries nationwide, the full-time art & design students have been hard at work on this year's challenge since September. What you will see in this exhibition are this year's entries, including the selected shortlisted candidates. East Sussex College, Lewes have had astounding success in this competition over the past seven years, with fourteen winners and eight highly commended.

Extended until Saturday 12 February

Wednesday-Saturday 11am - 4pm 

neeta pedersen exhibition.jpg

We have reopened the gallery with an impromptu exhibition showcasing selected works by the Star Brewery Gallery director/owner Neeta Pedersen who is an artist in her own right. The Gallery is usually closed in January but this year there was a small but steady flow of visitors who were disappointed to discover bare walls, so we decided to use the space to present a mixture of her old and new work comprising art prints and sculptures as well as scarves and bags. Some of the work explores the subject of feminine emotions and energy. Other works are illustrations for a forthcoming book inspired by a powerful personal experience when her adopted father appeared to have died only to come back to life for a while before passing over again.

Four Shores 

Recent coastal paintings of Sussex, Pembrokeshire, Dorset and the Gower Peninsula 

by Tom Benjamin

13th - 28th November 2021 

Tom Benjamin 1362.jpg